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katrina kaif movies
katrina kaif movies
katrina kaif movies

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katrina kaif movies
katrina kaif movies
katrina kaif movies

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katrina kaif movies
katrina kaif movies
katrina kaif movies
katrina kaif movies

41 Responses to “Katrina Kaif Movies”

  1. Tina Sandhu says:


    • Piyush N. says:

      Yes you are right that both the actresses are real beauties,but personally katrina is more beautiful actress.her success rate is far far greater than any other contemporary actresses.

    • sandeep says:

      katrina is already beautiful she doesn’t need of anyone company to look beautiful

    • Poornima says:

      no katrina kaif is better :)
      i am a big fan of here :)

  2. manisha says:

    katreena is very beautiful

  3. sabeen says:

    She had done acting in Telugu Movies. I haven’t seen her Telugu movies yet, But I hope to see the 2nd one Malliswari.

  4. sruthi says:

    katrina roks!:)

  5. madhus says:

    hallo katrina

    • marya says:

      u r looking gud
      give cell num

    • meet says:

      i too like katrina but she will not give u or me any cell number as we are not actors but we also can enjoy life as well as them ….Just believe and keep faith in ur self and u would be able to enjoy ur life

  6. Piyush N. says:

    She is one of the most admired,beloved and darling of all times. madhubala enticed entire cine goers in one era then came madhuri dixit who made audience dumb founded.now its Katrina who has carved her own niche in bollywood.Such is the beauty and buoyancy of her that everyone is smitten by her.
    She has proved to be a lucky mascot or lucky charm of bollywood.

  7. pawan says:

    hello katrina katrina is very beautiful

  8. katrina kaif is the best actress of the world i am big fan of her and i love katrina kaif and i like her films she is too good actress she is hot she is sexy but good girl no kiss no bad things this is the best,

    thanks katrina kaif and i love you,


    zayab from soudi arab

  9. puneet says:

    i love katrina sooooooooooooo much nd I m crazy about her.

  10. Er.puneet saraswat says:


  11. Bishwanath says:

    Hi., katrina i luv u

    Sent on a phone using T9space.com

  12. chitra says:

    u r so sewwt

  13. Umar The Pilot says:

    The day i saw you was the last day of my smiling , i love you sooooooooooooo much

  14. Niraj says:

    I love you Katrina ,,, You look stunning in all your movies.

  15. saket ranajn says:

    katrina kaif is very beautiful .

  16. Katrina is sooooooooo beautiful. All the best in your future.

  17. mithun kumar says:

    katreena is very beautif
    i love katrina sooooooooooooo much nd I m crazy about her

  18. alisha says:

    u r luking fab… katrina
    u r co sweetttt gal :)

  19. alisha says:

    wesse acting ache kar leti ho????

  20. huria says:

    i love u may i be ranbir and ur fiance ahhh those moments i saw u ia almost died

  21. huria says:

    i am sorry fr that bad language but i really love u i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee
    uuuuuuuuuuuuu i am in love with u

  22. huria says:

    i love priyanka too dont get jealous i love and make ur own fb account and add us all

  23. sania says:

    please send reauqust to me

  24. Pramod says:

    Hi, Katrina you are looking very sexy (I love you very much)

  25. OSAMA MUMTAZ says:

    u r bd

  26. ano says:

    i like kit she is very beautiful I LIVE YOU KATRINA

  27. Dj says:

    I lve u …..nt u katrina ,i lve ur sis

  28. I like kat, she is so hot,sizzling and sexy,,,,,

  29. akik says:

    Katrina is the most beautiful women in the world.

  30. Akshay kumar raj says:

    i watch most of the movie of katrina kaif.i like her.i thin she is the most beautiful actress in bolliwood.

katrina kaif movies
katrina kaif movies
katrina kaif movies
katrina kaif movies
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katrina kaif movies
katrina kaif movies
katrina kaif movies
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